Industrial Gas Turbines

Problem Oriented Guidebook for Operators

Axel Rossmann
Axel Rossmann

Using translations from German by Carola Friedel

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This book is intended for the interrested field working practotioner, consulting engineers and those who have to decide on the investment of a industrial gas turbine, mostly stationary gas turbine. The intension is to explain connections around the gasturbine. Of special concern is the understanding of prescriptions, specifications and rules you have to deal with during the „life“ of your gas turbine.

To make the understanding easier the chapters are labeled in front with a logo for the situation „from the life of an owner-driver“. This shall give the operator of a gas turbine the motivation to care for the requirements for the problem- and failure free use. So he is in them position for an economic success of his plant.

There will be answers to the question „what is the reason?“. They try to illustrate the answer without scientific claim but with technical acceptable explanations. Special effort was applied to the pictures. With this I hope to contribute essentially to the understanding of complex facts.

The special design of this book with many detailed described pictures and cross references shall ease look-ups without painful searching and introduction. This advantage may be bought by recapitualions in other parts of the book.

Condensed this book has a predecessor in the german edition „Ratgeber für Gasturbinenbetreiber“ 1999 published by Vulkan Verlag. It was realized in cooperation with Peter König. This english volume is an update with extensive additions and new issues. The pictures got more detailed descriptions to make technical connections more understandable.

The interested reader gets much more extensive informations in the 4 Volumes „Aircraft Turbine Engine Safety - Problem Oriented Technology for Professionals“ translated from German into English. They are distributed in the Home Page www.turboconsult.de. The technology of industrial gas turbines is more and more alike this of aircraft engines. This is specially true for so called ‘derivates’.

Axel Rossmann
Karlsfeld, September 2013

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