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2. The technology

First it is recommended that a car-owner looks into the handbook before he „leaves“ himself to the new car. „Trial and error“ are surely not the right approach. The OEMs’ instructions and suggestions schould be known and understood. Unfortunately these instructions are very extensive. They need some previous knowledge. To understand, why someting is demanded is an important requirement for motivated action. This helps in cases of doubt for a meaningful implementation. Not only our safety is concerned by meeting the instructions in the handbook. Aberrations can delete the guarantee. Costly repairs stress especially our moneybag. But if you dedicated to the somewhat annoying study of the handbook you can avoid critical situations and displeasing surprises.

The gas turbine requires a particular intensive deal with the operation handbook and maintenance/service handbook. They are usually very extensive and need a competent reader. An advise to the operater is to keep exactly to the prescriptions. In doubt a callback at the OEM is strongly recommended. Creep in mind that the cost dimensions in case of a gas turbine are by far bigger than for a car.

In this chapter general hints ar given to the different operation phases. Specific component loads with typical problems are described and explained. The knowledge about these processes shall enable a better understanding of the procedures in specifications and recommendations of the manufacturer (OEM). In the following chapters, components and their functions are addressed. Also their design and operation depending behavior. In advance some basics are highlighted.

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