Table of Contents

1. The procurement

If we want to buy a car, good brochures, though informative can not substitute the experience of others and, if we can get, expert knowlege. This we need to appreciate the practical value, the capability and the technical dependability. Also a kompetent workshop, easy to reach, from which we expect a low cost benefit is important. Not least we expect here advices which preserve our moneybag. So the inevitable faith is consolidated.

The procurement of a gas turbine presupposes that you are clear about the need and special suitability of the gas turbine for your purpose. A natural gas operation offers some particular additional advantages which will be described in this book. Your decision surely took into account aspects that are typical when procuring a gas turbine, such as, (listing not in order of merit):

  • long usage,
  • modest size and low weight,
  • shock - free and low noise functioning,
  • a high degree of availability,
  • ecological soundness/low emissions,
  • low maintenance requirements,
  • inexpensive operation.

Once the decision for acquisition has been made, the likewise not so easy task of choosing rightly arrives. Along with purely commercial considerations, a lot of other factors come into play here. These include:

  • Technical appropriateness for all the operator’s wishes.
  • Service and the capacity to solve problems by the supplier.
  • Quality and reliability of the repair shops.
  • Listed experiences/ references.
  • Education possibilities for one’s own personnel.
  • Overhaul intervals and life limitations.
  • Operation peculiarities and limits
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